Need Quality Code? Get Silver Backed

About Leaping Gorilla

Leaping Gorilla is an elite, focused development company with extensive expertise in delivering robust, highly scalable, highly performant web applications. Our team members have expertise in all aspects of scaling and we are certified by Amazon as an AWS Technology Partner for cloud based solutions. We have built and delivered sites capable of serving thousands of transactions per second to millions of customers per hour. If you would be interested in contracting our services for onsite consultancy or would like to speak to us about a quote then please contact us.

Leaping Gorilla was founded on the core ethos of performance through quality code. Too many times we have seen sites straining under a modest burden through bad design or poor implementation. At Leaping Gorilla we put quality first. Our practices and processes ensure that we deliver a rock solid solution, first time, every time. This gives us a firm foundation upon which we can start weaving our performance enhancing magic. We also understand that every site's needs are unique. You can rely on our expert knowledge to help guide you to a solution through any knotty performance problem.

We are a certified Amazon AWS Technology Partner - this means we are able to help you and your company leverage Amazon's cloud technologies to provide not only massive scaling when required but also downscaling to reduce costs during low traffic periods. We have the expertise to help you build the most performant, scalable and cost effective cloud based solutions in the industry.

Whatever your performance problem - we can help you solve it.